Charles Horne

Charles Horne / Vice President

After working with UPS and EDS, Charles Horne re-joined HBC in 1996 as Vice President of Operations.  Charles is no stranger to construction and has a thorough knowledge of safety, finance, leadership and hands on field work. He has an undergraduate degree and graduate degree from North Carolina State University.  Charles is a licensed General Contractor in multiple states including: North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Indiana. Today, Charles is the acting Chief Financial Officer over all HBC Companies.
Jack Horne

Jack Horne / President

Jack joined HBC in 1981, following in the footsteps of his father and co-founder of the company, Billy Horne.  Working alongside his father, Jack helped to diversify the company as they completed projects throughout the country.  In 1991, Jack was named President of HBC. Seeing the renewable energy market beginning to grow, Jack and his brother Charles co-founded Power Partners LLC, a company specializing in power collection systems for wind farms.  After selling Power Partners LLC to MasTec in 2007, Jack served as their Sr. Vice President of Operations from 2008-2012. He returned to Horne Brothers Communications in 2012 to start the HBC Solar Division. To date, HBC Solar has installed over 3.3 GW of solar with 450 employees.
Billy Horne

Billy Horne / Founder

HBC was established in 1950 by Billy, Tommy and MJ Horne with the simple idea “give the customer what they pay for and deserve; Quality work with a timely completion.”  Since its inception HBC and specialized in commercial construction.  As President, Billy operated Horne Brothers Communications until 1991, when he handed the reigns to his son, Jack.  Charles, another one of Billy’s sons, joined HBC to help continue the Horne Brothers tradition. As past President, Billy is still involved in the daily business.  You are likely to see Billy on a dozer, a tractor or perhaps on one of your jobsites at any time.