Who We Are

//Who We Are

Everything at HBC starts with the two brothers, Jack and Charles, who have taken the family business to new heights. We believe that supplying the right people with the proper tools and equipment, as well as, having a commitment to a high level of customer service is a recipe for success!

At HBC, we are committed to being one of the best partners available to builders, developers, investors, and solar system owners. It has long been the company’s commitment to the quality and timely completion of projects that allow us to enjoy long term relationships with our customers.

Our mission statement, “Endeavor to Achieve”, is a simple one, but a timeless one! We understand that finding the right solutions is a key factor to the completion of any project. HBC has long understood that being a leader means that you arrive early and stay late to ensure that we stay on schedule. Customer retention remains a high priority for HBC. As customer service has trended downward, we prefer to stay old fashioned in our beliefs that servicing your customers should always be the 1st priority. HBC will work as hard as you do to ensure your project is a success.

The HBC Family business has been very blessed with great employees and loyal customers. Billy Horne, founder of HBC, and past President is still involved in the daily business. You are likely to see Billy on a dozer, a tractor or perhaps on one of your jobsites. The apple does not fall far from the tree, as Jack Horne, President of HBC, can be seen doing the same as he feels right at home on all types of machinery. Charles Horne, Executive Vice President, still leads the family business with his full knowledge of safety, finance, leadership, and hands on field work.

We all want to thank our employees and customers for the last 60+ years of business and we look toward to serving you all for the next 60!