We are one of the top rated solar mechanical installers in the United States.

We have successfully completed over 172 projects exceeding 900 megawatts of solar installations.


HBC has experience with racking manufactures ranging from RBI Solar, Solar FlexRack, GameChange Solar, Schletter, Legrand, Unirac, PV Hardware, and NEXTracker. HBC encourages our clients to, “buy any system you want, and we can install it!” HBC incorporates the same philosophy for each project: working safely, building a quality project, and finishing on TIME!


In addition to the mechanical portion of solar, HBC recognized there was an opportunity to offer a civil construction option to all of its customers. HBC owns a vast selection of heavy equipment along with the necessary heavy trucks to guarantee timely mobilization of its equipment. HBC civil specialties include clearing and grubbing, road installation, and excavation for erosion control measures.

HBC has been in the construction business for over 59 years. In the early 1960’s, brothers Billy, Tommy, and Latha Horne started the family owned business. and today Billy’s sons, Jack and Charles Horne, continue the tradition of giving their customers a quality job for a fair price. HBC prides itself on being an example of why some things should never change!


Having prior experience in renewable energy, Horne Brothers understand the necessity for owning the right equipment and enough of it!

Making a large investment in pile driving equipment was the key to allowing our company to execute multiple sites simultaneously. Additionally, having a large fleet of pile drivers gives HBC a competitive edge in the solar market place! HBC dependeds on the top equipment suppliers in the nation to provide us with the best equipment available. We own hundreds of products from companies such as; Caterpillar, Kubota, Vermeer, GRT Utilicorp, John Deere, and Komatsu.


As we tell our clients, “buy any system you want, and we can install it!” HBC employees are proficient on multiple racking systems. We also provide our employees with training programs for the newest systems.

HBC uses an innovative process to manage racking installations.Installations are divided into tasks, and these tasks are performed by the same employees daily. HBC has discovered this method reaches maximum efficiency, as well as, quality.

HBC’s Quality Control team monitors and inspects all projects prior to customers performing their own evaluations. The Qa/QC team ensures efficiency and reduces return trips to sites for rework.


HBC is a frontrunner in quality and safety for module installation. From off-loading and staging to installing and final cleanup, HBC takes pride in all aspects of its work.

HBC owns 100+ CaT skid steers for the safe handling of materials. The skid steers ease of mobility allows HBC crews to safely and efficiently transport materials around the site enabling them to install modules in a timely fashion.

The equipment is operated by trained employees to ensure cost efficiency and increased production.


Horne Brothers Construction, Inc. understands the importance of staying in compliance with environmental state laws before, during, and after construction. Our Erosion Control and Finishing Crews possess the experience and knowledge to ensure proper site conditions and a sustainable environment at site completion. Our Erosion Control Team is Certified in Erosion and Sediment Control/ Stormwater Management and carry certifications in responsible land disturbance and erosion control measures. Our managers and crews have safely protected and finished over 6,000 acres of land utilized for the installation of solar, making sure erosion prevention is monitored from the beginning of a project until the final closeout.

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